New Refrigeration Technology

New Product Development is the life blood of IDW. Innovation is in our DNA. Whether it’s POP displays to help grow your business, or double and single door refrigerators, we are are constantly seeking new ways to introduce new products to the market. As the retail landscape continues to change, and the rapid increase of new brands and packages (both on and off the shelf) continues to evolve to meet consumer’s fast changing demands, there is no shortage of opportunities for IDW to develop unique in-store marketing equipment to capture the latest trends at retail. Additionally, new technologies provide ever changing ways to upset the status quo in our industry and introduce totally new solutions and tools that more effectively enable brand marketers and retailers to understand, promote, and grow their business.

TEQ-77 Impulse Cooler

The TEQ-77 Impulse Cooler offers a unique mobile solution to store, display, and market cold beverages and food products. The main component is the efficient refrigeration system that quickly pulls down product temperatures. The TEQ-77 features high density insulation with double wall thickness to lock in the cold air and keep your drinks colder with less energy. High impact billboard graphics are easy to change without needing tools, allowing for greater marketing, brand awareness, and product visibility. The mobile design allows you to expand to high traffic locations to generate greater ROI and drive more impulse sales.

Dimensions: 22.5"D x 32.7"H

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TEQ2 Impulse Cooler

The TEQ2 Impuse Cooler allows you to expand your cold drink availability with a mobile solution for storing and displaying your products. The main component of the TEQ-2 Impulse Cooler is a unique refrigeration system designed to keep your drinks cold for up to 7 hours without needing to plug into an electrical source. Eco-friendly design and an Energy Star certification ensure that your TEQ2 will save energy without compromising performance or functionality. You can also improve your marketing with quick-change, two-sided graphic panels, which can combine with the cooler’s mobility to generate impulse sales in high traffic environments.

Versatile and highly effective, the TEQ2 is ideal for placement at the cash register of convenience retail outlets such as gas, liquor, mom & pops, and national chains. The TEQ2 comes standard with heavy duty casters,  making it portable and perfect to position in high traffic locations during different day parts:

06:00-11:30 the coffee bar during morning hours…

11:30-15:00 the deli-counter during the lunch rush…

15:30-17:00 Cash Register for commuters…

17:00-19:00 near the hot prepared food section during the evening/dinner hours…

The TEQ2’s High impact, 2-sided graphics can be pre-printed for easy change out during campaign seasons. Please contact us to learn more about how the TEQ2 Impulse cooler can generate incremental sales and generate positive ROI for your Brand today!

Dimensions: 22”W x 17.5”D x 40.75”H

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Trio Recharge Cold Merchandiser

Built for mobility, versatility, and a larger carrying capacity, the Trio Recharge Cold Merchandiser combines some of our most innovative technologies into one unbeatable marketing solution. It starts with the refrigeration system, which brings down temperatures for over 12 hours without needing to be plugged into an electrical source. This gives you greater flexibility and allows you to expand your availability. The Trio Recharge Cold Merchandiser is Energy Star certified, meaning that it saves energy without compromising functionality. Two-sided quick-change graphic panels allow you to build brand awareness and product visibility, ultimately generating greater sales in high traffic locations.

Dimensions: 32.5”W x 19.25”D x 38”H

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GCG-9 Split Upright Cooler

The unique design and engineering of the GCG-9 Split Upright Cooler allow you to market two separate products at once. The split cooler is powered by a forced air refrigeration system for fast product temperature pull down using only natural refrigerants to minimize pollution. High density insulation and other eco-friendly design elements help you efficiently use energy and improve the overall functionality of the cooler. The GCG-9 Split Upright Cooler also comes with high impact side panel graphics to help you market two different products, creating greater brand visibility to drive impulse sales.

Dimensions: 19.875”W x 21.75”D x 63.625”H

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RCM2 Recharge Cold Merchandiser

The RCM2 Recharge Cold Merchandiser offers a compact solution for marketing in areas that would normally be restricted by electric power availability. No longer do retailers and brand marketers need to waste the electricity and precious water resources to fill insulated chest coolers with ice before each rush hour. The RCM2 Recharge Cold Merchandisers combines mobility and flexibility to help you expand your cold drink offerings to locations where electric power may not be readily available. Recharge Cold Merchandisers are powered using a unique refrigeration system that when properly charged will keep products ice cold for over 12 hours without needing to plug into an electrical source. Eliminating the need for ice altogether, the energy efficient design of the RCM optimizes energy consumption and helps the environment all the while generating increased impulse sales. With high impact, full color graphics, you will increase sales, marketing potential and brand awareness. Save the ice chest for a day at the beach, Trust the IDW RCM2 cooler to grow your sales without the need for electric power.

Dimensions: 22”W x 17.5”D x 39.375”H

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G-9 Split Door Upright Cooler

Market two different products in one rugged, clean design with the G-9 Split Door Upright Cooler. Offering a large carrying capacity, the G-9 Split Door Upright Cooler is powered by a forced air refrigeration system that can quickly bring down the temperature with a natural refrigerant. This cooler also features eco-friendly design, including high density insulation and LED illumination, that helps you save energy without hindering the cooler’s overall performance and usability. The G-9 Split Door Upright Cooler also features high impact graphics that allow you to increase brand awareness for two different products, boosting your ROI and sales.

Dimensions: 19.875”W x 21.75”D x 63.625”H

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What's New

IDW is committed to leveraging the latest technologies to deliver state of the art in-store marketing equipment to our customers around the world. From high efficiency brushless DC fan motors and compressors that run on natural refrigerants, to LED and LCD technologies that bring your products and promotional videos to life, to smart controllers utilizing bluetooth and ioT technologies that empower brand marketers and retailers with real time data and trend analysis. IDW is working to utilize these emerging technologies to lead the market with the next generation of cold equipment and in-store marketing solutions. Efficiently and Cost-Effectively.

Please contact IDW to learn more about WHAT'S NEW or Contact Us if you have any questions or want to get started with us today.