In-Store Retail Marketing Services

Innovative DisplayWorks combines Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Branding to deliver Innovative Refrigeration Equipment and POP Display Solutions to our clients around the World. Our products are custom tailored and designed to enhance sales and generate positive ROI. We will partner with you to develop a product and solution that meets your needs. IDW offers a full range of services to support your business through all phases of your project:

  • Industrial Design and Concept Renderings
  • Engineering and Prototype Fabrication
  • Mass Production and Quality Assurance
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Technical Support and Replacement Parts


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At Innovative DisplayWorks, our designers create fresh, innovative concepts targeted at enhancing sales at retail. We will work directly with you to understand your needs and design unique solutions that will capture consumers attention and generate impulse purchases.

Our unique approach to in-store marketing tailors to our clients specific business requirements, strategies, and initiatives resulting in the timely commercialization of products that deliver results:

Our design process incorporates:

  • Innovation Brainstorming
  • Color, Material and Trend Analysis
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Graphic Design
  • Specification Documentation
  • Preliminary Technical Drawings
  • Prototyping


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IDW’s engineering team provides advanced solutions that seamlessly turn concepts into reality. Our skilled team offers years of industry experience combined with in-depth technical knowledge to develop displays, coolers, and other marketing tools that operate efficiently.

Taking a concept and developing detailed drawings ready for manufacturing is no small challenge. The constant communication required for timely commercialization throughout the development process is a key competitive advantage for IDW. Our team has over 30 years of experience and the latest technological resources at our fingertips.

Our engineering process incorporates:

  • 2D CAD drawings
  • 3D CAD Part & Assembly modeling
  • Value Engineering
  • Design Validation
  • Manufacturing Feasibility
  • Refrigeration Development & Commercialization

Prototype Fabrication

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From proof-of-engineering models to working prototypes, IDW’s prototyping capabilities give shape to your ideas. Prototypes give you a look at what the final piece could look like, giving you the opportunity to make tweaks and adjustments that will maximize usability and merchandising potential. We give you a physical prototype that you can experience firsthand.

With the help of prototyping, your product is no longer just a concept.

Our fabrication capabilities include:
  • Working Prototype
  • Visual Model
  • Proof of Principle Model
  • Multiple Prototypes
  • Prototype Tooling
  • Prototype Development
  • Hand Fabrication
  • Pattern Making
  • CNC Machining
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing


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As the manufacturing industry has become increasingly commoditized around the world, it is no longer necessary for global procurement departments to partner directly with brick and mortar OEM’s. IDW’s business model leverages the unique manufacturing assets of an OEM in a particular geography while shedding the inefficient overheads an OEM must carry to service a particular market. We reduce costs by eliminating the risks and overheads associated with SG&A for the manufacturer and spread those cost centers across IDW’s more efficient global distribution model.

Our proprietary model is a turnkey solution:

  • Reduce significant overhead costs associated with supporting manufacturing in a regional geography
  • Regional distribution to cut down on shipping and delivery costs/timelines
  • Warehousing and procurement
  • Production and scalability
  • Technical Service and repair
  • Local market bottler /distributor sales contacts
  • Product Liability Insurance

Innovative DisplayWorks globally outsourced manufacturing model provides our customers with tremendous advantages. Enabling Global Procurement departments to cost effectively leverage the most ideal manufacturing sites around the world to meet the specific needs of their program. IDW’s business model effectively carves out and enables the manufacturer to do just what they do best, while passing the burdens of customer support, logistics and other SG&A functions to IDW’s lean model resulting in higher quality, lower costs and increased accountability.

Warehouse and Logistics

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IDW’s Warehouse and Logistics center provides Full-Service inventory and Distribution services. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, California, IDW’s 130,000 distribution center ships products from Coast to Coast. Our team of logistics specialists and partners deliver exceptional customer service and cost effective distribution services in over 30 countries around the World.

Our core competencies ensure your program’s success:
  • Incoming Harbor Container Deliveries
  • Distribution (Full/Less Truck Loads, Small Parcel)
  • Warehouse Inventory Management
  • International Services/Distribution
  • IDW Owned Warehousing Facility
  • Program Management/Execution
  • Kit Packing
  • Low Quantity Drop Shipping

Parts Ordering

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Innovative DisplayWorks G-series coolers are built to last and are backed by an industry leading warranty.

Our parts and component materials are designed with longevity and durability in mind. In the event your unit should malfunction, IDW technicians are standing by to support you with Genuine IDW replacement parts and technical service. Our technical assistance team and spare parts inventory will keep you up and running with a minimum of downtime.

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