About IDW

Founded in 2000 by Nathan Linder and Leo Wills III with a business plan to deliver value and innovation to it’s clients. IDW’s business model is unique to the industry and leverages the latent production capacity of OEM manufacturers around the world; delivering the best manufacturing capabilities to it’s customers efficiently and cost effectively. Today, IDW has grown to be a leading supplier to the beverage industry and one of the largest importers of commercial refrigeration units in the United States. IDW products are available in over 35 Countries around the world and can be found in nearly every convenience, grocery, mass retail store in the USA.  The team at Innovative DisplayWorks has grown to manage all functions of production; including industrial design, engineering, prototyping, testing, quality controls, print production, packaging, logistics, warehousing and distribution. With manufacturing capabilities around the world IDW is well positioned to support your global procurement needs.

We will partner with you to develop creative and custom Commercial Refrigeration and Point of Purchase programs that meet your needs.