Innovative DisplayWorks offers unique commercial refrigeration units, point of purchase displays, and other marketing solutions that combine design, engineering, and innovation. These in-store marketing tools are designed to improve brand awareness, increase sales, and boost product visibility in retail trades of all types including, grocery, drug, convenience, mass, and quick-serve restaurants, just to name a few. We believe that creating durable and effective marketing equipment goes hand in hand with eco-friendly and sustainable business practices. From efficient refrigerators utilizing the latest technologies that reduce energy consumption and have lower ozone depletion potential to research in cradle to cradle fully recycled substrates and materials that lower the overall carbon footprint in our industry. Learn more about IDW’s contributions to the protection of our environment through the use of natural refrigerants, and clean technologies that replace the harmful substances of yesterday’s industry with more eco-friendly alternatives for today.

IDW Environmental Awareness

IDW maintains environmental awareness throughout all of our operations and manufacturing. We are actively engaged with our supplier partners to explore eco-friendly alternatives to existing technologies and materials, including refrigerants, LED lighting systems and clean technologies.

For example, IDW is a leader in the transition from hydro-fluorocarbons to natural refrigerants known as Hydrocarbons, which are natural, energy efficient, and non-toxic. These alternative refrigerants have no impact on the ozone and low global warming potential. Hydrocarbon’s thermodynamic properties are superior and result in lower energy consumption through faster heat absorption.

Our environmental efforts aim to improve performance and sustainability simultaneously. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact to protect our customers, employees, and larger communities. All our products are UL certified, exceed DOE 2017 standards. IDW is an Energy Star Partner signifying our products save energy without sacrificing functionality or features.