Corporate Social Responsibility

At Innovative DisplayWorks, we are dedicated to creating innovative in-store marketing solutions that help to increase sales and boost brand visibility while building close, meaningful relationships with our customers. We understand that corporate social responsibility contributes to good working conditions , satisfaction for all team members involved, and ultimately into great products. We strongly believe in running socially responsible practices and constantly strive to make a positive impact on our local and global communities. We know that ethical companies are successful companies.

IDW’s Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global company, IDW is committed to conducting all domestic and foreign operations as a responsible corporate citizen. We maintain honesty, openness, and ethical conduct throughout all facets of our business. We commit to supporting and respecting human rights within our sphere of influence and sharing that with our customers and business partners.

We do not tolerate human rights abuses of any kind. We aim to build trust while respecting the different cultures, values, and customs of groups and individuals. IDW is an equal opportunity employer and hold ourselves to high standards of conduct. We are also a minority business enterprise dedicated to building and maintaining positive relationships in all institutions and communities we participate in.