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Innovative DisplayWorks is a global leader in in-store marketing solutions, including commercial refrigeration systems and point of purchase displays. IDW Global has official distributors all over the world, ensuring that you get the products you need from a trusted, reliable source.

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A refrigeration supply distributor can help to outfit you with our best products, including our G-Series coolers and recharge cold merchandisers. Our G-Series coolers are some of our best sellers, providing quick, efficient temperature control through a forced air refrigeration system. Rugged, high-quality materials ensure easy maintenance and cleaning while preventing damage from daily use. LED lights illuminate products and branding, providing optimal marketing opportunities. Each cooler also features high density insulation, locking in the cold air to maintain energy efficient operations.

Our recharge cold merchandisers offer many of the same benefits in a mobile, rechargeable form. Designed to provide up to 12 hours of cold, rechargeable cold merchandisers have been tested for their performance and can help to drive sales in high traffic areas.

A display distributor can provide you with a branded point of purchase display. These displays market products to customers as they pay for items, driving impulse sales and generating future sales. IDW can customize displays to fit your needs and the specifications of your retail environment. Our team of designers and engineers can tailor a POP display that will optimize merchandising without sacrificing functionality.