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The cooler is not working

The unit is not turned on
Check the unit is plugged in correctly
Plug and lead are damaged
Call your agent or qualified technician
Fuse in the plug has blown
Replace the fuse (UK Plug)
Power supply
Check power supply
Internal wiring fault
Call your agent or qualified technician

The appliance turns on, but the temperature is too high/low

Too much ice on the evaporator
Defrost the appliance
Condenser blocked with dust
Call your agent or qualified technician
Doors are not properly close
Check doors are shut and seals are not damaged
Cooler is located near a heat source or air flow to the condenser is being interrupted
Move the refrigerator to a more suitable location
Ambient temperature is too high
Increase ventilation or move appliance to a cooler position
Appliance is overloaded
Reduce the amount of containers in the appliance

The appliance is unusually loud

Loose nut/screw
Check and tighten all nuts and screws
The cooler has not been installed in a level or stable position
Check installation position and change if necessary

The appliance is leaking water

The cooler is not properly leveled
Adjust the screw feet to level the appliance
The discharge outlet is blocked
Clear the discharge outlet
The water container is damaged
Call your agent or qualified technician

Compressor will not start, no noise

Power disconnected
Check power cord for proper connection
Blown fuse or breaker
Replace fuse or reset breaker
Defective or broken wiring
Repair or replace
Defective overload
Defective relay
Thermostat on/off position
Turn dial of thermostat to on position

Warm storage temperatures

Temperature control not set properly
Reset control
Not enough refrigerant
Leak check. Change drier, evacuate and recharge
Cabinet location too warm
Relocate cabinet
Too much refrigerant
Change drier, evacuate and recharge
Low voltage, compressor cycling on overload
Check voltage supply

Compressor runs continuously; product too cold

Defective control
Control feeler tube not installed in well
Push control feller tube into well
Not enough refrigerant
Leak check. Change drier, evacuate and recharge

Compressor runs continuously; product too warm

Not enough refrigerant
Leak check. Change drier, evacuate and recharge
Inefficient compressor

Prior to calling for service, check the following:

  • Is the cooler plugged into dedicated, grounded 3 prong wall receptacle?
  • Is the circuit breaker thrown or fuse blown?
  • Is there adequate power?
  • Is the circuit prone to power fluctuations?
  • Are there other appliances on the same circuit drawing power?
  • Has an extension cord, power bar or adapter, been improperly used to connect power?
  • Is the cooler overloaded with product?
  • Is there adequate ventilation?
  • Is the condenser plugged with grease and/or dirt?
  • Are the doors closing properly?
  • Do the gaskets seal snugly?
  • Is the lower guide track free from debris and spillage?
  • Are the shipping pods/shipping pallet removed and is the cooler level?

Information to provide to qualified service professional:

  • Serial Number of appliance (upper left interior wall)
  • Appliance installation address and contact information
  • Installation location and hours of operation