Prototype Fabrication

IDW’s team of highly skilled fabricators have over 50 years collective experience fabricating unique and highly custom products for our clients around the world. Operating in our state of the art fabrication center in Rancho Cucamonga our team specializes in creating specialized products and in store marketing solutions. Our dedicated team is committed to the process of trouble shooting new ideas and implementing creative new approaches to POP fixture design and construction.

The benefit of IDW’s fabrication facility is that IDW can quickly deliver prototype displays and small trial production runs that you can test at retail and experiment with before you place your order for a mass production quantity.

IDW Prototype Development Process

Prototype fabrication is a great way to turn your ideas into a physical reality. Giving your POP fixture the exact shape and features you want before production of the final product. Creating a prototype gives you a physical display to touch, feel, and examine from all angles to ensure optimal colors, shape, product packout and design.

The IDW prototyping team are Artisans that work with their hands to turn 3-D models and CAD data into a physical form.

The prototype process includes:

  • Bending, welding and forming steel, wire, plastics and wood materials
  • Design for mass production considerations
  • Small Production Runs
  • First Article proof of concept
  • Hand fabrication
  • CNC machining
  • Laser Cutting
  • Computer-aided manufacturing
  • Print production
  • Packaging design
  • Final Assembly