IDW is partnering with Cantaloupe, LLC, a leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce. Connecting our equipment with Cantaloupe’s Smart Lock Connect technology and P30 card reader will Revolutionize Convenience…The Future of Unattended Retail.
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IDW's G-series coolers are not just good looking. They are a highly effective retail marketing tool, specially designed to perform to the most rigorous standards in the harshest retail environments. Backed by an industry leading warranty, IDW G-series coolers are built to last and will be a reliable tool to help you grow your business.

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Permanent POP Displays and Fixtures

IDW will partner with you to carefully listen to your needs and understand your brands objectives at retail. We will design a display solution customized for you that will generate incremental sales and help you grow your business.

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Revolutionizing Convenience: The Future of Unattended Retail

IDW has become a preferred original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to manufacture Cantaloupe's revolutionary Cooler Café for IDW’s customers across the country. This collaboration leverages Cantaloupe's advanced Smart Lock Connect technology, integrating it directly into IDW's proprietary built-in lock, to deliver a seamless and superior consumer smart store experience. This partnership involves IDW transforming its standard coolers into smart coolers utilizing Cantaloupe's Smart Lock Connect technology and P30 card readers.

IDW will integrate Cantaloupe’s Smart Lock Connect technology, which includes proprietary hardware and software, into IDW’s single and double door coolers and freezers. Cantaloupe’s Smart Lock technology will be seamlessly housed inside the IDW cooler or freezer unit, creating a modern and aesthetically pleasing design. This integration will enhance functionality for customers by offering features such as remote temperature control, the ability to lock or unlock coolers via the Smart Lock mobile app or Cantaloupe Go platform, as well insights and reporting into cooler and freezer performance.

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