Globally Outsourced Manufacturing Model

As the manufacturing industry has become increasingly commoditized around the world, it is no longer necessary for global procurement departments to partner directly with brick and mortar OEM’s. IDW’s business model leverages the unique manufacturing assets of an OEM in a particular geography while shedding the inefficient overheads an OEM must carry to service a particular market. We reduce costs by eliminating the risks and overheads associated with SG&A for the manufacturer and spread those cost centers across IDW’s more efficient global distribution model.

Our proprietary model is a turnkey solution:

  • Reduce significant overhead costs associated with supporting manufacturing in a regional geography
  • Regional distribution to cut down on shipping and delivery costs/timelines
  • Warehousing and procurement
  • Production and scalability
  • Technical Service and repair
  • Local market bottler /distributor sales contacts
  • Product Liability Insurance

Innovative DisplayWorks globally outsourced manufacturing model provides our customers with tremendous advantages. Enabling Global Procurement departments to cost effectively leverage the most ideal manufacturing sites around the world to meet the specific needs of their program. IDW’s business model effectively carves out and enables the manufacturer to do just what they do best, while passing the burdens of customer support, logistics and other SG&A functions to IDW’s lean model resulting in higher quality, lower costs and increased accountability.

If your Global Procurement resources are stretched thin, count on IDW to support your global programs. With manufacturing and distribution capabilities around the world IDW is well positioned to support your Global Procurement needs.