G-49c Double Door Cooler

Greater Size, Greater ROI. The G-49c Double Door Cooler is powered by a forced air refrigeration system that uses completely natural and safe refrigerants to quickly pull-down temperatures and keep products refreshingly chilled. IDW’s G-49c Double Door G-series cooler is designed with state-of-the-art dynamic LED lighting in the glass door and stylish heavy-duty metal exterior components that will generate incremental sales and drive your business forward in the highest volume outlets. This durable double door refrigerator will reliably operate in the most rigorous retail environment.

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  • Exterior Dimensions: 54.375”W x 29.75”D x 79.5”H  |  1381 x 755.5 x 2019 mm
  • Internal Volume: 41.41 cu.ft.  |  1172.5 L
  • Footprint: 11.2 sq.ft.
  • Dynamic LED Lighting In Door Provides Enhanced Product
  • Illumination While Greatly Reducing Energy Consumption
  • Forced Air Refrigeration System For Fast Product Temperature Pull Down
  • Optional Side Decals for Branding Awareness
  • LED Illuminated Canopy for Highlighting Brand Messaging
  • High Density Environmentally Friendly Insulation
  • Climate-Friendly Natural Refrigerant
  • 10 Fully Adjustable Powder-Coated Metal Shelves
  • Double-Paned, Low “E”, Self-Closing Glass Doors
  • Durable Pre-Painted, Chip Resistant, Steel Cabinet
  • Heavy-Duty, NSF Approved, Interior Liner
  • NSF Approved Interior Analog Thermometer Allows Packaged Perishable Foods to be Merchandised Safely
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • 9ʼ Heavy Duty Power Cord




  • UL471
  • NSF/ANSI-7: Type 2 Display Refrigerator