Increasing impulse sales is a great way to boost overall sales in a retail environment.  In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are looking for an expedited shopping experience that meets their needs in the quickest time possible.  Positioning products in key locations allows you to capitalize on this desire, while also increasing revenue.  One underutilized method of increasing impulse sales at the register is through the use of commercial coolers.  In this article, we’ll discuss how the use of commercial coolers in key locations through your storefront can generate increased sales, offer a greater degree of convenience for your customers, and allow you to use creative marketing techniques to boost the number of items per transaction.  While most storefronts are no stranger to commercial coolers, often these coolers are large, reside in a fixed location, and require an enormous amount of power.  However, new technology has allowed commercial coolers to be reduced to much smaller sizes, operate more efficiently, and in some cases, eliminate the need to remain plugged-in during operating hours.  This results in increased flexibility for storefront managers and brand marketers to creatively use commercial coolers to drive increased sales and greater product visibility.

1) Place beverages and cold storage items within arm’s reach.

Where commercial coolers really make an impact on impulse sales is their ability to place the products your customers desire within arm’s reach.  Following the motto, “if it’s not cold, it’s not sold,” commercial coolers bring high demand products to your customers in a ready to consume form.  For those looking to boost impulse sales, this is ideal.  This means that on a quick shopping trip, your customers are more likely to grab a beverage that can be readily consumed.  By adding this layer of convenience to your storefront, you will make your customers have a quicker and more pleasurable shopping experience.  They will also know that the next time they need to stop and grab something quick, they can do so at your location.  This will not only help boost your impulse sales, but also create a memorable shopping experience that customers will want to repeat.

2) Rethink how impulse purchases work.

Although you are working hard to boost your impulse sales at the register, many storefront managers neglect the power of impulse product placement throughout their store.  Placing the products your customers want at targeted, high-traffic areas is an effective tool for boosting overall sales.  Look for locations where customers may be walking through or standing for a period of time.  Yes, this includes at the checkout aisle.  But it also includes other key areas, such as near the deli counter and coffee bar, where customers are likely to stop.  By placing a reach-in cooler at these locations, you are again placing ready to consume products within arm’s reach of your customers, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

3) Consider crafting total meal solutions.

By using commercial coolers in impulse areas, you are able to bring a key ingredient to a total meal solution to your customers.  By capitalizing on this, you can boost the total items per transaction.  Curating intelligent displays that pair complementary items, such as a drink and snack, or drink, snack, and more substantial meal item, will increase the chances that these items will be purchased together.  Commercial coolers don’t have to be used simply for beverages.  They can also be used for cold, ready to eat items such as a perishable snack or sandwich.  By pairing these items with popular beverages and snacks, you give your customers the option to craft a total meal in one convenient location.  This will speed up their shopping experience, while also allowing you to have greater control over the products that you need to sell.  This is particularly important for perishable items, which have a limited shelf life.  Don’t relegate these to the refrigerator in the back corner of your storefront.  Bring these items to your customers at the checkout aisle, so that you can move the products in a timely manner and boost your impulse sales.   This is also a powerful tool for locations where customers come for another purpose, such as to fill up their gas tank.  By placing total meal solutions in highly visible, high-traffic locations, you can create larger sales and increase the convenience for your customers.